Why You Should Use MikroTik Router?

Why You Should Use MikroTik Router?

MikroTik Router is an affordable option for your business.
MikroTik Router is an affordable option for your business.

MikroTik uses Linux as its OS. it’s used as a network router. it’s created to supply convenience and freedom to its users. it’s created to supply convenience and freedom to its users

The administration settings may be done victimization the Windows Application; it’s known as “WinBox“. The computers that may be used as a MikroTik router additionally don’t need a high specification. For

example, it’s solely a gateway. Unless it’s used for advanced networks, it ought to use adequate specifications.  MikroTik features include Firewall* & Nat, Hotspot, Routing, Bandwidth Limiter, DNS server, Point to Point Tunneling Protocol, Hotspot, DHCP server, and many more.

MikroTik featured hardware products are Routers, Antennas, Switches, and other supporting devices while the software product is MikroTik RouterOS.

MikroTik RouterOS is the software that will be wont to modify the computer system into a reliable network router, includes numerous options that are created for scientific discipline networks and wireless networks, appropriate to be used by ISPs and hotspot* suppliers.

MikroTik RouterBoard. It is the embedded router product from MikroTik. Routerboard is an integrated mini-PC because it has processors, RAM, ROM, and flash memory. It uses RouterOS that serves as a network router, proxy server, bandwidth management, DHCP, DNS server, and hotspot server. There are many series router boards that will conjointly perform as Wi-Fi Wi-Fi access points, bridges, or Wi-Fi WDS shoppers (RB411, RB433, RB600). Most ISPs use the Wireless local area network perform to run either for Associate in Nursing Access purposes or for client

It can be executed without depending on the PC anymore since all the functions on the router are already inside. compared with a computer that’s put in RouterOS, router board size is smaller, additional compact, associated power-efficient than mere exploitation of an adapter. For use within the Wi-Fi, the network is put in on the tower

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