Pro-tip for SMEs in 2022, Networks come first

Pro-tip for SMEs in 2022, Networks come first

Egypt is entering the threshold of the era of digitization with the start of announcing the initiative of our digital future and the great digital transformation that Egypt undertook during the past two years.

And the Digital Egypt Initiative for the year 2030 was the best evidence of the great transformation taken by the country, which stems from the importance of digitizing data and its proper exploitation.

From here, all eyes are directed to the future of companies in light of the stage and their efficiency in the face of transformation.

Data, digital transformation, and the age of cybersecurity require strong and effective networks that are in line with the scale of development.

Technopedia offers the networks security solutions to SMEs

Small and Medium Companies to get to the digitalization era, needs networks

With the increase in the volume of data and the rapid growth of end-to-end communications and the stage of creating a work environment that suits the flow of digital data and the development of business systems through end-point security

Networks and the establishment of networks that provide an environment that serves the interests of companies are no longer a luxury. On the contrary, small and medium companies will lose a lot if they fall behind in the ranks of the tremendous development in network engineering, protection systems, monitoring, and data storage.

Management and control of companies, analysis of performance rates, and full control of its various branches and activities are no longer managed by traditional methods. she disappeared

Networks are integrated with the various purposes and objectives on which the success of the business is based.

For example:

Networks, the main factor in the availability of complementary systems for the success of SMEs

Without wireless communication solutions within the company or institution, do not wait for the growth and success of the business.

All companies, institutions, and organizations are heading in the current period that integrates communication and activates the role of wireless networks within the work environment, not only to create a digitized work environment. But to have complete control over the course of the tasks and the security of the operating systems.

Unified communications systems are also not complete and do not perform the desired role without integration with the networks that operate them. Unified communication systems and communication via protocol are among the pillars of extending the expansion of communication systems between team members and assembling the various branches and departments of institutions in one system that facilitates and regulates the process and efficiency of work, which in turn grows the business.

Data storage, server operations, and cybersecurity are based on networks. I do not expect that there will be a place for a business that has not adopted network solutions and the digital development led by the state.

And for the great role on which networks are based, Technopedia pays great attention to its availability of the latest solutions of corrosive systems with networks, which provide solutions to companies and institutions, where Technopedia relies on the latest technology from the largest manufacturers in the world to integrate and create network systems.

Technopedia is the main agent of Mikrotik, one of the most important network solutions manufacturers in Europe and the world.

And you can now visit the site and browse Mikrotik products and learn more details.

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