Static IP Vs Dynamic IP from a business perspective.

Static IP Vs Dynamic IP from a business perspective.

The Internet Protocol is an address for everything that is connected to the Internet. This address is a unique address for each device connected to the network so that there is no single Internet protocol that symbolizes two devices. Internet addresses are divided into two types: static IP and dynamic IP.

Internet protocols are stored as numbers that symbolize a dedicated address that leads us to enter the network connected to the Internet.

Whether the address is static or dynamic, the servers will lead you to the network via your IP.

Static IP Vs Dynamic IP. which one is suitable for your business

what is a static IP

Static Internet addresses are addresses that do not change no matter how other factors change, the addresses of your access to the network remain constant.
In the field of business, the reliance is entirely on the use of static addresses that allow full control and ease of access in the case of building networks remotely.

Usually, in the field of telecommunications and networks, static IPs are provided by request from the telecommunications service provider within the country, as is the case in Egypt.

In contrast, dynamic Internet addresses, which are the most common, are constantly changing addresses, as the communications provider provides a large number of dynamic addresses that change constantly when connecting to the network. Dynamic addresses are frequently used for personal and consumer use.

Advantages of using a static IP address

The use of a Static IP address is a cornerstone of your business, as it provides flexibility and control over the network with the stability of the connection and qualifies the work to a reliable connection in banking and other fields.

The advantages of a fixed Internet address can be mentioned as follows:

  • Easy to access devices remotely
  • DNS support
  • trusted connections
  • Establishing virtual networks within the work environment
  • Securing financial and banking communications
  • Building networks and connecting networks with devices

How to Get Your Static IP address

Mikrotik devices enable you to access your static address by using Mikrotik’s DNS Name to generate your own address.

Your business is in safe hands when using Mikrotik devices and relying on its RouterOS system without having to resort to ISP providers to request your private address.
Technopedia provides you with Mikrotik devices and all the support for preparing networks, creating VPNs, and connecting devices within your work environment with Mikrotik devices.
Rely on Mikrotik to establish your networks.

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