FortiGate Endpoint and Firewall Security Solutions

FortiGate Endpoint and Firewall Security Solutions

FortiGate Endpoint and Firewall Security Solutions

Protect your users whether they are in the office or on the move.

FortiGate Endpoint and Firewall Security Solutions

Protect, Detect, and Respond by FortiGate Endpoint and Firewall Security Solutions 

Whether you are looking for advanced endpoint protection to stop threats and ransomware from infecting your devices or making the move to proactively detect and hunt threats that may be lurking in your system with EDR, Fortinet has the right solution to fit your business.

  • Protect user devices with advanced machine learning and AI developed by FortiGuard Labs. Near real-time, automated threat intelligence ensures users are protected—without manual oversight —from known threats and unseen variants.
  • Integrated network and endpoint security give administrators visibility and control from a single device and ensure consistent policies like web and content filtering are enforced even when users are off-network.
  • Sophisticated EDR tools give security analysts the visibility and threat analysis to detect potential threats before they happen and respond with automated playbooks.

Endpoint Security

When it comes to protecting employees away from the office, endpoint security needs to be a priority. FortiClient prevents attacks by combining powerful endpoint security with complete visibility of what is running on the user’s machine, including applications and vulnerabilities.

Protect the Network with Endpoint Visibility and Control

With FortiClient, you can automate vulnerability scans and remotely deploy and perform updates to user machines with a single click—protecting users from unpatched vulnerabilities and other risks. It also provides insight into device information, status, applications, and overall endpoint risk, and defends the network with seamless integration between endpoint and network security. If an endpoint presents too high a risk, administrators can limit network access until necessary updates have occurred.

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Remote Workers and Secure Access

Enable remote workers to safely access office resources and applications on the move. At home, airport, or local coffee shop, integrated VPN software from FortiClient creates a secure, encrypted communication tunnel back to the corporate network. If you are implementing zero-trust access, FortiClient is also the ZTNA agent enabling application access control—no matter where the user or application is located. With either VPN or ZTNA, you can combine with FortiToken multifactor authentication to make the process of logging on and confirming users simple and painless.

Handling Increased VPN Demands

At the office, most user traffic travels inside the network. But when employees work remotely, all their traffic passes through the firewall. The FortiGate is prepared. Decrypt VPN traffic 10x faster than the nearest competitor thanks to custom technology designed to drive content inspection and accelerate security functions.


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