Mimosa A5x

Mimosa A5x

Mimosa A5x

Finding the right access points that offer affordability, without compromising quality and performance, has been a dilemma. The A5x changes that. It’s the ideal solution whether you’re starting a new network or expanding coverage, all while achieving faster ROI.

Mimosa A5x

Compact and powerful, the Mimosa A5x is built for short to long-range pole and tower point-to-multipoint (PTMP) applications. In situations where the power and range of the 4×4 A5c access point isn’t needed, the connectorized, 2×2 A5x is the perfect solution.





Max Throughput


700 Mbps (IP) PTMP




5150–5850 MHz FCC/ETSI/CA

4900–6400 MHz ROW



0.30 kg (0.70 lbs)


IP Rating




Power Consumption


9-12.9 W




2 (RP-SMA) (female)


The Data Sheet.


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